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24 agosto 2017 - Ejemplos - Comentarios -

This post is not only for the bride and groom, it is also of interest to all those guests who want to know how they should behave in different situations. As has always been said, the rules are to fulfill them in any aspect of life; So my first advice is to try to pass it well respecting and cooperating with the person responsible for the reportage.

How do you do that? It is very simple, not interfering and let the photographer develop all his creativity. We are there to get the best of the moment and capture the essence in every moment. Nowadays we find it difficult to deal with friends, mobiles and even, the relentless work "amateur" of some guests with their cameras.

The protocol may appeal to you, you hate it, or you simply do not know it. We all know that there are guidelines that are often not put into practice, such as congratulating the bride and groom at the altar and then, at the church's doorstep. On protocol to be a perfect guest, you could write a book, but let's leave it on some tips.

If there is a protocol of how to dress, enter the church, sit, go out and throw the rice ... Why not put into practice these rules of respect and education towards the different moments of the ceremony? Try to get in our skin ... People that intermingle as "human obstacles" between the couple and us, the discomfort of thousands of flashes making reflexes, many egos and intransigent people ...

"Your values ​​will teach you to do what you owe and not what you want."

Therefore, education and respect for the work of any professional should be our greatest personal challenge.

Sometimes asking the keeper to carry the weight and responsibility of the ceremony (photographer or wedding planner) would get us out of doubt in a better practice, resolution and fun in the events

your words are very accurate
congratulations on writing so well
simply the best

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